How To Clean Your Lungs
How To Clean Your Lungs - More Detox Information

How to clean your lungs is essential knowledge for anyone who is looking to quit smoking, or has quit recently. As I have posted before, the benefits of being free of the tar that sits in your lungs long after quitting smoking are amazing. You have a new life after doing this in more ways than one. It really is a GIFT of life - but without action it can take years to get that gift … and in the meantime you got a monkey on your back ready to do something bad to you …

So just how do you clean your lungs? Well there are two phases of cleansing your lungs.

1. Getting rid of the tar that clogs your lungs and lines the inside of your bronchial tubes with sticky gunk. This tar is filled with toxins and inhibits breathing while irritating your lungs all the time. It also traps in more and more toxic chemicals that your body cannot clean out because of this unnatural protective barrier.

2. Once you have cleared out much of this tar then you need to work on the more traditional detox part. This is supercharging your immune system to flush out the toxins in your lungs, bloodstream, and many other places that all comes form years of smoking.

Doing this is best in a measured holistic style treatment that looks at many aspects of your health and combines a number of methods that when combined, have a much greater outcome that any of these methods on their own.

Ok - was that a bit complicated? Well if you need any more information there is a really good guide that explains it all and gives you some really net planning tools to help you get through this. Its called the complete lung detox guide or something like that … check it out here:

Clean Your Lungs!

Oh, it also has a heap of good info on how to quit smoking too so it really has got the complete stuff you need!

Clean Your Lungs With A Detox Regime

OK, so quitting smoking is one thing, but what about cleaning those lungs out? Some people think that if you quit smoking that like magic, your lungs simply repair themselves and you are totally ok now. This is pretty short sighted because tar does not just evaporate out of your lungs because you quit smoking. That stuff is sticky and hard to cough up, and hard for the body to break down and flush out over time too.

So guess how long it takes to get healthy lungs again after you quit smoking. That is if you do nothing else apart from quit?

Answer: 10 freaking years!

Ten years of coughing. Ten years of living in fear of lung disease. 10 Years of waking up STILL tasting cigarette gunk on the back of your tongue. That’s a long time, that’s a death sentence for some people who develop cancer in this time too when they could have flushed away that crap long before.

That is what a lung detox regime is about. You can reduce this healing time from years upon years down to a few months if you do it right. This is not some bullshit lung cleansing tonic or some shit like that either. I have seen those and seen them as the snake oil they are.

No - a lung detoxification regime is all about consistent applications of a holistic set of treatments. Your diet, sleep, stress, an some supplements must all be acted on to give you this amazingly quick lung recovery.

I will post more about this stuff next time - just remember that you can save 10 god damned years of pain and possible disease!

Benefits of Cleaning Your Lungs After Quitting Smoking

Oh man - I ran into a friend of mine the other day who was trying to quit smoking. I remember sharing cigarettes with him when we were in high school. We snuck out the back of the oval where there was this huge group of trees and all the kids thinking they were cool went over there to smoke.

We reminisced, but he said he was finding it hard to stay motivated to quit. He know he was screwing up his lungs every cigarette (he said this as he was smoking) but found it hard to make that motivation to quit stick when the cravings hit. I sympathized I really did coz I had the same problem.

I told him I preferred to use a more positive motivation to quit smoking by looking at the long term benefits of quitting and cleaning out your lungs of the tar and crap that is stuck inside. Benefits such as:

  • Stopping lung cancer - seriously there are so many cancer causing chemicals in cigarettes that get trapped in your lungs if you don’t quit and detox.
  • Feeling invigorated and healthy every day.
  • Breathing in crisp clean air without feeling like you are sucking it through a black greasy filter.
  • Being able to fight off disease like a champion because your immune system goes through the roof.
  • Saving heaps of money to spend on cool stuff (hello iPad in a week or two for me! :D )

So many more too, think of all the awesome cool stuff that being free of cigarettes can get you - that’s a powerful motivation!

Do Your Lungs Need Cleaning?

Have you ever wondered just how much damage you have done to your lungs from your years of smoking? I am sure every smoker has at one stage of another, some might think about it constantly - but if you were like me, i had an amazing ability to completely forget about it as soon as I started craving for a smoke.

Poof! The thought gone in a cloud of noxious fumes I was sucking into my chest and LOVING it. I look back now in disgust because I have coughed up lumps of black shit so nasty and smelly that it made me think again.

If you check the picture in my profile you will see what I started to imagine. I looked at that lump of blackened crap that was lodged in my lung and though - just how much more is in there? What the hell is this stuff doing to my lungs!

Well, all of a sudden i started noticing all the science and advertisements telling me how bad my cigarette smoking habit was and i got scared.

I now know i have some level of emphysema - but i also realised that lung cleaning could really help and so I embarked on one and it has changed my life.

So do YOUR lungs need cleaning … you know they do, please don’t let yourself get to the same sickly stage I got to before you act!

It is a simple thing to get started on a lung cleansing program - but you gotta have the reasons and motivation to quit cigarettes first and that can take some serious willpower.

Just try to visualise the insides of your lungs now - maybe that will provide you with the nightmares needed to take action!